older folks doing cool stuff

This last year, I turned 60. I thought, as a way of facing this new season in my life, I would scout out and share about older folks who are doing (or have done) cool stuff. My body may be aging, but my heart is not (let’s hope the mind holds out too).  😉   I want to use my later years well and do creative and cool things.

Grandma Moses started painting at the age of 78. Marriage and family kept her busy most of her life, but in later years she picked up a paintbrush and created some remarkable art. I’m inspired by her courage to create and express her art during the later years of her life (she lived to 101).

Sister Madonna Buder (the iron nun) has completed 45 Ironman events, has run in over 325 triathlons worldwide, and holds several records. She started training at 48 and is still running at 87. (OK, so I’m going to stop whining about my gentle exercise class now.)

Dorothy Kirsch went to the North Pole in 2004 at the age of 89. The next year Simon Murray finished his trek overland to the South Pole at nearly 64 years old. They’re definitely made of tough stuff.

Come back often as I’ll be adding to the list.

older folks / image credit © Monkey Business / Adobe Stock