tangle a sunflower

A few days back I mentioned Botanical Interests, an amazing seed company. They have many organic and heirloom seeds and the seed packages are lovely. I think that’s what drew me to them at first. Each package is beautifully illustrated and has a truckload…

a mess of birthdays

My son married into a family with a bazillion people. Lovely people, but there are a bazillion of them and birthdays just keep comin’. I want to celebrate them all, but I don’t know each person well enough to buy something they might like…

more play

My husband and I have taken a week off. So lovely to rest and play. Here’s another tile … just for fun. Fern is one of my favorite patterns. patterns: fern, feria, and diva dance materials: 3.5″ square tile, black micron, and pencil


Just a little afternoon play … patterns: stoic, fallreep, worms, and fescue materials: 3.5″ square tile, black micron, and pencil

a day of play

Snow is falling and I needed a day of play, so I curled up in my toasty warm house, opened my pattern binder, and just tangled away. I saw the pattern pots-n-pans and it reminded me of Thanksgiving, so that was my starting point….

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