bean sssstalk

Wow, this page really got away from me. It started out simply and then day 17 morphed into a Diamondback. 

pattern: bean stalk
materials: tangle*a*day calendar, black micron, and pencil

This is the last of our snow (bits that remain from snow off the roof) and we’re seeing more green (won’t be long until we have spring flowers). 

bye bye snow, hello spring

The bunnies are growing and looking cuter each day. They’re pretty active so it was a real trick to get a picture that wasn’t a blur. We have one grey, three black, and one opal.

baby bunny

And the chickens are happy to be out in the sunshine after a winter in the hen house.

the ladies

snow/plants, baby bunny, chickens / image credit © Lori Byerly

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