That’s what my son calls infants. They are potatoes, but you have to treat them nicely because eventually they turn into people.

I mentioned earlier that my daughter-in-law is due to give birth to a potato in September and my daughter is due in August. Two new grandbabies!  🙂  That will make five potatoes grandchildren to love on and spoil.

Here’s my tile for the diva’s latest challenge and the tangle*a*day calendar page for March 13-15 (more stripes).

pattern: verve
materials: 3.5″ square tile, black micron, and pencil

patterns: jessicup, jaws, ona I, and cee-a-mosa
materials: tangle*a*day calendar, black micron, and pencil

potatoes / image credit © jackmac34 / Pixabay.com

5 Comments on “potatoes

  1. I love your little potato story, LOL. Also the tangle, which looks like a ring in the center with black pearls, and the calendar is wonderful!

  2. I love the way shading can make this pattern leap off the page. It’s like those optical illusion drawings, There’s a lot of detail on your calendar and it looks fabulous.

  3. Congratulations! I will have an new grandchild in july and I am so glad! Love your Verve and your calendar page as well! you are a great inspiration!

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