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I’ve been trying to meditate a bit each day (with varying degrees of success). So I decided to make this the “year of the brain” in terms of what I read. I ran across an old friend who shared the titles of a number of good brain books (my favorite so far is Dan Siegel’s Mindsight *) and a few of us meet once a month to talk about what we are learning and watch a series of videos.

It turns out the brain has a lot more plasticity than folks thought and there is much you can do to improve its function. I bet Zentangle is really great for your brain.  🙂    I wonder what the brain of an artist looks like?

Here’s my calendar page for the last few days. Still playing with stripes of patterns.

patterns: sevaw, seminole patchwork, spention, and yuma
materials: tangle*a*day calendar, black micron, and pencil

* Amazon doesn’t like affiliate links in emails. When you click on an Amazon product link it will take you to a page on my site where you can click to order. Sorry for the double click, but I’d like to keep Amazon happy.

brain / image credit © GDJ / Pixabay.com

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