run wild, run free

During January I was getting to know my new tangle*a*day calendar. I did monotangles that mostly stayed in their own box.

For February I am using tangle patterns that start with the same letter (this page uses the letter R) and that escape their boxes from time to time. Run wild, run free little patterns!

patterns: ruflz, riverstones, and roscoe
materials: tangle*a*day calendar, black micron, white charcoal pencil, and pencil

I so enjoy having a little something to tangle each day.

This time of year I am fairly housebound under a blanket of snow. It is pretty, but after a few months I long for Spring and gardening. I’m already buying seeds and planning my garden. Each year I experiment with something a little new (or new to me). This year I will add in some eggplant (my husband makes a very good eggplant lasagna) and sunflowers for the chickens.

My favorite seed catalog is Botanical Interests (they have free downloadable coloring books too!).

sunflower image credit © sravo /

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