I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving (USA).

I shared a meal with 23 other people (family, extended family, and friends). Thankfully my son and daughter-in-law have a living room and kitchen large enough to handle a crowd. 

I didn’t get any tangling done (too busy playing games and eating pie), but I’m back on track with Adele’s It’s a String Thing challenge. The string is a cursive “G” for “gratitude,” though you can’t see it much in my tile. It got obscured by lots of swirls and baubles.

patterns: z-trick, gra-vee, and pritempts
materials: 3.5″ square tile, black micron, and pencil

I’m grateful for my sweet husband, family, friends, my home, the beautiful place I live, and the gracious Zentangle community.

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