It’s been awhile since I’ve done an It’s a String Thing challenge. Adele Bruno always does a fun job of setting them up. This one uses a new-ish pattern ~ elirob. Very creative with some neat options.

And just FYI, Adele and Dorian Eng have created a series of books on tangling tiny paper houses (including some darling fairy houses). Certainly, something to check out and try.

patterns: flukes and elirob
materials: 3.5″ square tile, black micron, white charcoal pencil, and pencil

And, spring has finally come to stay. The weather is warmer. We’re seeing more wildlife and babies everywhere. Here’s a small snake that my neighbor’s son found.

non-scary snake (that’s what I tell myself)

snake / image credit © Lori Byerly

gotta get some blue yarn

Just found out that my two new grandbabies are boys (due August and September). I need to get to the craft store soon to buy yarn for baby afghans.

I’m still tangling away on my tangle*a*day calendar. 

pattern: 3 to go
materials: tangle*a*day calendar, black micron, and pencil

bean sssstalk

Wow, this page really got away from me. It started out simply and then day 17 morphed into a Diamondback. 

pattern: bean stalk
materials: tangle*a*day calendar, black micron, and pencil

This is the last of our snow (bits that remain from snow off the roof) and we’re seeing more green (won’t be long until we have spring flowers). 

bye bye snow, hello spring

The bunnies are growing and looking cuter each day. They’re pretty active so it was a real trick to get a picture that wasn’t a blur. We have one grey, three black, and one opal.

baby bunny

And the chickens are happy to be out in the sunshine after a winter in the hen house.

the ladies

snow/plants, baby bunny, chickens / image credit © Lori Byerly


Here are three versions of frake ~ the basic pattern, with embellishments, and with some play over the direction of the cuts.

pattern: frake
materials: tangle*a*day calendar, black micron, and pencil


A friend of mine gave me a kitchen scrubbie pad and it’s truly amazing (it doesn’t smell the way a sponge might and it’s soft enough it doesn’t scratch pans). And, because sooner or later I’ll need a new one, I crocheted another one. They’re made with tulle netting (the stuff you make tutus out of).

I can now keep myself supplied with kitchen scrubbies. <happy dance> 

kitchen scrubbie
materials: tulle netting

More three-way patterns with florez (which always reminds me of watermelon). I especially like the movement of the pattern on the 12th.

pattern: florez
materials: tangle*a*day calendar, black micron, and pencil

scrubbie / image credit © Lori Byerly

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