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A number of my friends have asked for copies of my tangle pattern gallery, so I created .pdf’s for easy printing. I thought I might as well put them on my site to share with online friends too.

Please understand this is not an exhaustive list of patterns. This was my starting collection of tangle patterns (which is especially handy if you are new to Zentangle and want a jump start to collecting patterns). There are no how-to steps. (If you need how-to steps check or do a Google search for the pattern by name/creator).

I’ve included a sheet with blank squares so you can continue to add patterns. Here are a few sites that collect patterns:

Tangle Patterns

Feel free to print these .pdf’s for personal or classroom use or link to this page to share with others. Please respect my handiwork and do not copy them to your website or sell them.

Click on a letter to open the .pdf in a new window. Right click on the .pdf to print.

(I’m in the process of moving these files from my old site.)

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